Accelerating and scaling startups from the CEE region to global markets


OXO Labs has one of the most experienced accelerator team in the CEE region. Our expertise covers technology, product development, business strategy, financial planning, sales, marketing and communication and many further areas.


OXO Labs runs its startup incubation and acceleration programs both in the area of facilitating and mentoring early stage tech projects in line with lean strategy principles and also by supporting and funding such projects to boost growth and market entrance. We select 5 projects and teams each calendar year.



Our services focus on the areas of:
  • product development, validation, business strategies, team building
  • market entrance and expansion, sales and marketing support, growth hacking
  • strategic and business planning, financial modelling
  • local and international fundraising, project funding

Our target sectors are:

3D technologies Agricultural Technologies
Applied Design Technologies Augmented/Virtual Reality
Clean Technologies Cloud Technologies
Cybersecurity Data & Analytics
E-Commerce & Marketplaces E-Gaming
Financial Technologies HR Technologies
Internet of Things Medical Technologies
Mobile Payment Property Technoligies
Sharing Economy Solutions Smart Healthcare
Social Media Wearables

Our sector specific incubation programs are available at the area of:

• clean technologies
• cybersecurity
• hardware developments
• medical technologies

Application open till the 30th of June 2019 in the are of:


Ready to apply?

If you want to participate in our accelerator program or enter into funding discussions, please apply here.


Angels & Mentors

Our team work with a wide range of angel investors via the CEE region who support our projects with further expertise, business network, seed funding or help them in the next round of fundraising.

Through our senior team we also provide access to a wide range of mentors, serial entrepreneurs and industry experts from the key sectors and markets.


Our group provides angel funding up to EUR 200,000 per projects in the form of equity or convertible note financing. We also facilitate syndicate funding with further co-investing angels and VCs from our network, up to a total of EUR 1 million per project.

In the preparatory and selection process OXO Labs provides acceleration and advisory services as well as a maximum EUR 10.000 cost financing, for which no separate equity requirement applies and which can be reimbursed from the next round of funding without charging any interest or return.

Managing a network of institutional and angel investors with several hundred members, partly through the online platform OXO Stock, OXO group can further provide direct support for next rounds of funding from Angels through Series A and Series B investments.


Funds we advise

OXO Holdings OXO CEE Angel Fund

Our partners

FacebookStart Telenor Amazon Web Services Hiventures Nemzeti Kutatási, Fejlesztési és Innovációs Hivatal Széchenyi Tőkealap-kezelő Zrt.

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